Frontier is a supplier of Cisco Meraki – a world-leader in cloud-controlled Wi-Fi, routing and security.

Cisco Meraki are at the cutting edge of cloud-controlled Wi-Fi, routing and security. Based in San Francisco (hence the name) Cisco Meraki can afford to be picky about who they choose to do business with. That’s why Frontier is proud to be one of their WiFi Solutions re-sellers, providing UK companies with the very latest in Cisco Meraki Wifi technology.

Cisco Meraki WiFi Solutions

Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Access Points

Not surprisingly, these systems are becoming increasingly popular with a wide range of organisations – from Wifi for business to Wifi for schools and other education establishments. Through our Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Access Points, Frontier customers can centralise and control their management operations and also cut the cost and complexity of traditional on-site wireless systems.

Using the Cisco Meraki WiFi Solutions means organisations can keep in touch – regardless of location or number of employees. Networks can be configured in minutes, rather than days or weeks, and little training is needed.

Benefits of using cloud-based Cisco Meraki Wifi Solutions include:

  • Unlimited access to a wide range of hotspots and Cloud-stored materials.
  • Ability to control all applications, users and devices
  • Built-in multi-site management
  • Automatic monitoring and alerts
  • Constant updating, with seamless over-the-web firmware updates
  • New features delivered quarterly

What’s more, your in-house IT teams will be impressed with advanced features including:

  • Zero-touch access point provisioning
  • Network-wide visibility and control
  • Cloud-based RF optimization
  • Seamless firmware updates

Cisco Meraki WiFi Solutions UK WLANs configure in minutes — not days or weeks

More details of this product set can be found here

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