If you need help understanding any data-related terms, take a look at the MyData glossary we’ve put together for you.

DSL: Digital Subscriber Line.

ADSL: Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line delivered via a DN.

DN: Destination Number used in the provision of a wholesale broadband service.

SDSL: Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line.

FTTC: Fibre to the Cabinet (Superfast broadband)

PoP: Point of Presence.

LLU: Local Loop Unbundled – another provider has their equipment in the BT exchange and is
providing a service

NSP: Non-served premise – this means that there are no utilities at the installation site. This can also
include sites where the Comms Room isn’t built. The delays to install for NSP can be up to 6 months.

Ducting, Cabling & Jointing: The excess work that needs to be undertaken by BT to supply a cable from
the nearest BT chamber to the DP in the customer’s premises.

Wayleave: A legal document between landlord / landowner & BT about how & why the work is being
done (similar to a Method Statement). Also refers to works needing to be carried out with either Council / TfL
(London Area) Permission incl. roadworks / ducting etc.

5 Pair/10 Pair/20 pair cables: The size of cables that are to be run by BT to the footway chamber. The
higher the number of pairs there are the more lines that are available if any line ever faults / needs replacing. Most installs will have a two pair allocation.

Method Statements: Customer request for outline of work that is required and how this is to be carried
out by BT. Min lead time for this is 5 Working Days.

ECD: Estimated Completion Date.

RFS: Ready for Service – Order complete and tested.

ETCD: Estimated Target Completion Date.

DISS: Line Disabled or not working. Repair request to be issued.

Pair Divert: A pair divert is this rearrangement of the network to provide a working pair by entering no
more than two underground joints.

EFM: Ethernet First Mile – Data Circuit combining copper and Ethernet technologies

EoFTTC: Data circuit combining FTTC circuits and Ethernet technologies

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