Europe Arab Bank PLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Arab Bank plc and operates in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

The bank provides services including personal and private banking, investment management, corporate services, investment banking and asset management services to corporate and institutional clients.

The Challenge

Europe Arab Bank reviewed their telecommunications estate in 2006 and selected Frontier Voice and Data as their telecoms provider in January 2007. They wanted to reduce their telecommunications expenditure whilst at the same time maintaining good levels of customer service and care as these qualities are integral to their disaster recovery processes.



The Solution

The bank receives number of services from Frontier Voice & Data including 43 business lines, 11 ISDN2 lines and 7 ISDN30e channel rentals. Europe Arab Bank also procures a range of care packages such as Total Care rental on the ISDN2 lines, Total Care (including some at level 3) on all of the business lines and Total Care services on the various ISDN30 lines. Additional services provided to the bank include Site Assurance on the ISDN30 lines and Smart Diverts on six of the business lines. You can find out more about Frontier’s telephone lines and calls services here.

Frontier Voice & Data also carries the calls of Europe Arab Bank and provides DDI number rental and caller identification presentation on many of the lines.

The Outcome

The speed of response to any issues and disaster recovery processes are business critical issues for the bank and therefore Europe Arab Bank benefits from the various Total Care packages provided as these provide guarantees for response and repair times.

The use of Site Assurance and Smart Diverts is also an important part of their disaster recovery processes. The Site Assurance for the ISDN30 lines allows for all calls to be diverted to a pre-determined number. This can be activated as soon as a fault is logged. The Smart Divert service enables the bank to set up, cancel or check a divert function remotely. Calls can be diverted to another number in the UK, most overseas designations or a mobile number.

Why Frontier?

At Frontier we recognise that providing a real sense of assurance and care is essential for our customers operating in the financial sector due to the type of personal data they’re working with but also because they are in the service business themselves. We are pleased that Europe Arab Bank PLC has been a customer of Frontier Voice & Data customer for more than four years now.

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