As the need for payphone usage continues to decline, the number of iconic red telephone boxes has followed suit.

BT have said there were 92,000 kiosks in 2002, although now there are 46,000, 8,000 of them being traditional red ones.

Despite the decline, it was announced back in October that the iconic red phone boxes that line London’s streets were to be transformed into ‘Links’, which provide free Wi-Fi, calls, and other digital services – a concept already trialled in New York.

In addition, BT has also launched an “adopt a kiosk” scheme whereby communities are able to take over a decommissioned telephone kiosk for £1.

Despite users not being allowed to install “electronic communications apparatus”, 3,500 have been adopted so far and are proving to be popular in rural areas.

A common use for the boxes has been lending libraries, although they have been transformed into miniature art galleries, pop-up shops and even pint-sized pubs.

The shift in the way the nation makes calls will continue to shift which is why it’s important for your business to be ahead of the game.

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