As Peter mentioned at the start of this newsletter, we are continually working towards improving the experience of our customers when they interact with us. Last year Derrick Vernal, our Service Director brought on board 3 new Frontier staff members. He has set up a variety of internal training, development and coaching programmes across all of our Service, Support and Operations Teams.

As we move into 2017 he will be carrying this momentum forward with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. This includes improving our customer experience across the board and enhancing our processes to allow us to become more agile and responsive.

Derrick said: ‘Building a strong team ethos, promoting an understanding of our core company values and ramping up staff recognition are key. We have started an internal programme to reward staff that provide excellent customer service and that will continue throughout 2017.’

He added: ‘One of our core goals for this year involves the re-structuring and re-branding of our Provisioning and Service Assurance Teams into our ‘Customer Service Centre‘. This team will manage all of our orders and fault resolution. It will streamline the way we work and provide our customers with a personal, professional and prompt service.’

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