Meyer Timber Ltd is a market leading supplier of timber panel products. Meyer Timber Ltd. was formed at the start of 2011 following the merging of William T. Eden and Montague L. Meyer into one market leading brand. Montague L. Meyer Ltd was established in 1906 and the company can trace its roots back to 1770.

The Challenge

MLM has 15 sites across the UK (located from Cornwall to Grangemouth in
Scotland). These sites include office and depot facilities with different requirements for bandwidth and network management. MLM wanted to consolidate and rationalise their diverse infrastructure into one easy to manage, converged voice and data architecture.

As part of this, they were seeking a quality service with disaster recovery, redundancy and resilience. Importantly the network had to be capable of handling their inter-office, online collaboration, stock and supplier ordering systems. The ultimate aim was to improve their inter-office communications and integration.


The Solution

Frontier Voice & Data won a network deal with MLM in 2007 and in 2010 thoroughly reviewed the network and then implemented the phased roll-out of a multi-sited MPLS network as well as installing the Avaya IP Office phone system. The overall range of services being provided includes:

  • Phone system maintenance services
  • Managed firewall
  • VPN tunnel (with no split tunnel, so that all traffic goes via the firewall) for 100 remote users
  • Cisco 1841 and 877 routers and switches – all managed services
  • 2Mb leased lines for the MPLS VPN
  • Core firewall MPLS bandwidth
  • Ethernet VLAN DIA 10Mb
  • Ethernet 100Mb OnNet MPLS VPN with 20Mb service
  • Class of Service at one site
  • Various ADSL lines
  • 10Mb core access and internet bandwidth rental

The Outcome

As a result of the new MPLS network, Meyer Timber now enjoys one network for their voice and data traffic with voice and data traffic separated into different Classes of Service to deliver a quality and managed service. This new network is, therefore, improving their inter-office communications and integration.

In addition to this Meyer Timber’s IT personnel now enjoy a better insight into, and management control over, their own network. The delivery of a range of bandwidths (from ADSL to 100Mb Ethernet) has ensured that the new network is capable of carrying the significant levels of traffic between the offices and suppliers. The provision of a managed firewall with a VPN tunnel is also ensuring that the incoming and outgoing data traffic is kept clean and controlled. The MPLS network offers inbuilt disaster recovery and resilience by providing multiple routes for traffic and failover points. The network routes to the award-winning Interoute network which also provides in-built multiple routes for traffic.

Why Frontier?

Les Bevan, I.T. Manager at Meyer Timber said, “In 2010 we implemented an MPLS solution as well as installing Avaya IP Office systems across a number of our sites. Throughout the process of selecting, specifying and implementing solutions the team were extremely helpful and knowledgeable and demonstrated rigorous commitment and attention to detail.”

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