With App2Chat, Frontier offers an innovative, sophisticated mobile voice application specifically tailored for business use.

With App2Chat your office phone system could become a thing of the past!

Key Benefits

Fast set up – new users are activated within 24 hours
Flexible – numbers and contacts managed with a few clicks
Lower call charges
No capital investment
Loads of features (Click here for list of key functions)
Easily separate business and personal calling on one device
Simple, intuitive interface
PBX Integration
Facilitates BYOD/CYOD (Bring Your Own Device/Choose Your Own Device)
No impact on mobile data usage
Phone numbers are available in 65 countries
Number porting (keep your existing numbers)
You can use multiple numbers on one handset
Secure – all calls and messages are encrypted
When overseas MyChat works over local GSM or WiFi servicesApp2Chat product logo



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