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Do you give business mobiles to everyone in your business, or just to those who go out, like Account Managers and your Sales team? Perhaps you let them use their own mobile phones for business or, conversely, let them use their business mobiles for personal calls and emails?

Making sure your team can work effectively when out of the office is not always simple and needs to be considered carefully. At Frontier, we have years of experience in helping businesses decide on the most appropriate mobile solutions for their workplace.

We break it all down for you. Initially, you have three choices:

  1. Give out business mobiles of your choice to the people of your choice or
  2. Give out business mobiles, but let them choose which phone or
  3. Let them use their own phones and claim for business use (otherwise known as BYOD)

Once you’ve decided that, you’ll need to consider the bundles of calls, texts and data you give out. Again you have multiple choices:

  1. Give everyone the same bundle or
  2. Give each person their own bundle, based on what you expect them to use or
  3. Use a pooled bundle, where the company has a big pot of minutes, text and data that are simply used by the staff as and when they need it.

All straightforward, right?

Well, not quite … because you’ll still face several more decisions:

  • What happens when you add another phone, perhaps for a new starter? Is that phone on the same tariff and contract end date or does it have its own end date?
  • What are your options at the end of your contract term?
  • Would you be better off on a SIM-only contract?
  • Should you renew for another two years or go to a 30-day rolling contract?

Below is a list of scenarios we help businesses with every day. Tell us your biggest concern and we’ll look at the options available to you.

  • I want to review my contract
  • I am nearing the end of my contract
  • All my phones are on different contract dates
  • I’m worried about letting my staff use their own phones

Here at Frontier we are experts at this. We’ll look at how your business works and help you make the right decisions. Give us a call on 08000 92 62 32 or email us at and let’s talk about your business mobile needs.

Frontier – delivering the right business mobiles solution for your business

I want to review my contractI am nearing the end of my contractAll my phones are on different contract datesI’m worried about letting my staff use their own phones