How much internet bandwidth do you need?

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Your business cannot work without the internet – full stop.

The question is: how much bandwidth do you need?

  • Do you send large files to clients or suppliers regularly?
  • Do you need to send or receive data quickly?
  • Do you use large numbers of cloud-based services?
  • Are your network servers in the office or in the Cloud?
  • How many people in your team?
  • Are they all based in one office or multiple offices?
  • Do you provide public internet access? Do you want to?
  • What do you want to do going forward?

All of these will have an impact on the amount of, and type of, data connection you need. If you have too little, or the wrong type of connection, your team cannot work effectively and your business productivity will be low. If you have too much, you are wasting money on bandwidth you don’t need.

Your business differs from every business out there, in terms of your precise needs, so let’s work out what you need:

Simply answer the questions below and add your postcode. We will come back to you with our recommendations to provide you with the right internet connection(s) for your needs.

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