We make sure everyone gets the internet connectivity they want, along with the IT security you need.

These days, you and your team rely increasingly on internet-based services. So much so that it’s hard to believe that only a few years ago the internet was just there to access your emails and google information. Now your whole network could be in the Cloud, you may have cloud-based telecoms and you are almost certainly marketing your business online. And let’s not get started on social media and online shopping …

The bottom line is, the more services you use online, the more bandwidth you’ll need. If you want to maintain network speed and keep up productivity you need to look closely at your data usage. It may seem random, but imagine your internet usage as vegetables going through a small tube. Ten years ago you were sending and receiving a few peas. Now you are sending and receiving thousands of peas and even the occasional marrow – all through that same small tube. Data is bound to slow down.

We will help you to assess just how much data you are using and therefore the size, and type, of tube you need.

Data to and from your office

If your needs are simple you may just need a broadband connection. So let’s find out whether fibre broadband is available (FTTC or FTTP).

If your needs are bigger, or more complex, you may need a leased line.

If you have multiple sites and want to maintain a distributed network, you may need to set up a Wide Area Network (WLAN), with various security requirements.

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Business Continuity

Have you considered business continuity?  What happens if your internet connection goes down and your team cannot work because of this?

There are various backup solutions available to you and we are happy to discuss what is available in your area and how this can be set up to minimise the impact of a data connection loss.

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Data to and from your staff

How do your staff work?  Do they have their own desks and never work anywhere else?

Or do you have a hotdesk approach, with people sitting wherever they want and with whomever they need to at any particular time?

We will work with you to find out how best to distribute data to your team. Are fixed lines to their desks best, or would WiFi be a better solution?

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WiFi for Visitors

Do you want to provide internet access to certain visitors to your building?  Are they members of the public? And are you aware of your legal responsibilities around doing this?

We will provide a solution that gives everyone the internet connectivity they need, along with the IT security you want.

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Whatever your internet connectivity needs, Frontier can help. So get in touch now.