Reinforce your business’s resilience with Frontier’s Business Continuity Package

In business it’s always best to expect the unexpected. But do you have a fail-safe plan in the event of an emergency? What happens when snow stops staff getting to the office, or fire destroys expensive equipment? Do your staff know what the back-up plan is when there’s a power cut or sensitive data is breached?

You need to be fully prepared for all these eventualities. With our expertise, your business can continue to operate, maintain its productivity and look after its clients, even when facing unexpected setbacks.  Without a continuity plan, it risks failing at all of these.

Our experienced staff can help you draw up a viable continuity plan that will ensure your business stays up and running even when events seem to be running against you. We’ll help you with continuity and communications so that your professionals can concentrate on their own area of expertise.

We’ll help you draw up contingency plans for situations where you might need to:

  • Communicate with your staff to ensure they know what to do in certain situations
  • Make sure staff know what your back-up plan is and when to activate it
  • Enable staff to work from home
  • Recover vital data
  • Recover systems
  • Manage a crisis
  • Designate a site where staff can report to when they can’t get to their office
  • Recover essential sources and equipment

And many more. Whatever your particular need is, talk to Frontier.

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