Energy Services

Running your business without consuming energy is virtually impossible.

Your business consumes energy every day. At a minimum, it is electricity for your laptop and phone. Add on the lighting and other devices plugged in, plus the air-conditioning and security and it’s quickly adding up.  Is your heating gas-powered or electric?

Are you sure all devices are turned off when you’re not in the office? Do your lights and heating come on automatically and are they set to closely match your trading hours? If they’re not, you may be wasting energy.

Even worse, you may also be paying too much for your energy!


If you don’t negotiate with your energy supplier when it’s time to renew your energy services, you risk your contract ‘rolling over’ at standard renewal rates. Renewing your business energy deal at the wrong time could mean that you’re paying 30-40% MORE than you need to.

throwing-papersLet us do the negotiating for you.

We will obtain discounted pricing from your existing supplier as well as searching the commercial gas and electricity energy marketplace to obtain the most competitive business energy prices from the best UK commercial energy suppliers.

We provide this service FREE of charge

We will scout the energy market to find flexible utility deals which could save you £1,000s of pounds a year.

This is what happens next

Once we have agreed on a suitable product for you, we will submit all the relevant information to the supplier chosen and monitor the status of the new agreement. We’ll also monitor your contract end date to make sure you always have the best business energy rates available on the market. We will contact you before your renewal date to reduce your future costs.

So… whether you require a quick comparison or a detailed utility cost analysis, we will provide friendly and professional advice to help you make a decision about your business energy. 

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Agreeing a contract

Once your contract is agreed upon, we will send you confirmation and details, including your chosen supplier and the expected live date(s) of your new contract(s). With various contacts that allow us to manage any objections or queries on your behalf, our team works hard to ensure that all hassle is minimised and your energy supply goes live on time. We will gladly carry out a complimentary validation of your first invoice to ensure your account is set up correctly with your supplier and that you are being charged the correct tariffs. Frontier MyEnergy

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