Hosted Telephone systems delivering flexibility to your business

Hosted telephone systems are all about flexibility, whilst enabling you to manage costs and get all the functionality you need. The range of hosted telephone solutions we can provide means you will get the perfect solution for your communications needs.

Why should you use a Hosted Telephone solution?

The benefits of a hosted telephone solution are many:

  • No capital costs: no outlay every 5 years to replace ageing hardware
  • Short provisioning time: you can be up and running in just a few days
  • Plug & Play: it really is very simple to get set up
  • Managed costs: you only pay for what you need
  • Flexibility: if you need more lines for a season, flex up and then back down later on
  • Increased productivity: your team can work from wherever makes most sense. No more lost days due to train strikes or bad weather
  • Great call rates: VoIP call rates are far cheaper than calls over ISDN lines
  • Functionality on demand: with over 150 features and functions available, you simply add functionality as you need it

Frontier Voice & Data works with the top hosted telephone solution providers in the UK, including Avaya, InClarity and Gamma. Each platform is different so we always look to understand your communication needs and your current setup before recommending which platform is most suitable for you.

We would love to talk to you about your needs, so please get in touch when you are ready.

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Most Popular Functionality

  • Full call management: transfer calls, put on hold, divert etc.
  • Carry your landline around with you, on your mobile.
  • Call Reporting: see exactly what is happening. Who is making and receiving how many calls? How many calls are answered, or not? And much more.
  • Voicemail: on the handset and recordings emailed to you.
  • Call recording: for training and/or compliance purposes, you may want to record some or all calls.
  • CRM integration: add all calls to your prospects and clients to their CRM records to give a complete picture of your relationship over time.
  • Conferencing: both web and audio conferencing, saving most people travelling to a meeting.

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