Feel confident in your customer care with our advanced call recording service

With our call recording service, every call made through your phone system can be securely recorded and accessed in seconds through a web browser. Calls can be recorded on both ISDN lines and via SIP technology. This is an efficient and effective way to improve:

Staff training

Staff learn from listening to previous conversations they have with others. Their tone of voice, the questions they ask and whether they are waffling away – all can be improved when call recording is used as a staff training tool.

Customer Care

You can be confident your customers are receiving a great service or you can provide additional training to those who need it when call recording is in place. If there is a problem, you’ll have the vital evidence you need to ensure the right resolution.


Compliance is important in many industries, particularly finance and legal. If your business has compliance regulations our call recording solutions not only provide the recordings you need to train your staff, all calls are encrypted and time-stamped so you can be confident you are meeting this part of you’re your compliance needs.

Key Benefits

  • Works perfectly with our Plus and Enterprise call loggers
  • Great way to improve customer service
  • Ideal for training staff
  • Encryption as standard – suitable for legal compliance
  • Simple and quick to use using a secure web browser and single-click play and search
  • Stereo recording
  • Call continues to record even if part of a call is transferred
  • Advanced search options through third party integration
  • Alerts for particular calls
  • Unlimited users can access calls
  • Protected – even if hardware fails, lines aren’t affected

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