Future-proof your telephone system with our flexible SIP Trunk service

With SIP trunks you can update and future-proof your telephone system without having to change your existing lines.

SIP trunks are a cost-effective alternative to traditional ISDN lines and can be used instead of ISDN lines or in combination with them. A SIP trunk connects to your telephone systems via an IP connection (eg your leased line or broadband circuit) and then connects to the public telephone network, making it a flexible way to update your telephone system

Key benefits

  • Compatible with virtually every type of IP-enabled telephone system
  • Even very old telephone systems may be able to be converted through an additional piece of hardware, with many more modern systems being able to connect directly to SIP
  • Low monthly rental charges
  • Typically savings are around 50% if you have the internet capacity to carry the extra traffic.
  • Low call charges
  • Both UK and international numbers available
  • Number portability (keep your phone number)
  • Almost infinite scalability (Add the exact number of channels that you need, whenever you want them)
  • Rapid deployment times
  • Great for business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Calls can be diverted quickly and easily to wherever you need them to go. Perhaps to another office or to your DR centre

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