How to protect your business from Toll Fraud

Are you protecting your business?

Toll Fraud is one of the fastest growing cyber-crimes, with cases increasing by 15% each year.

The costs and damage to a business can be astronomical. The United Kingdom is the third most targeted country in the world with €1.7bn costs for Toll Fraud alone.

What is toll fraud?

Toll Fraud occurs when an outside caller can access the features and facilities of a telephone system for fraudulent purposes. It’s recognised as a serious form of organised crime committed by fraudsters and can have links with drug dealers and even terrorists.

Most PBX systems generally have remote access facilities for the purposes of system maintenance, however this might also make it possible for hackers to reprogram part of the system which then enables them to accumulate large bills through unauthorized calls, usually to Africa or other domains where call rates remain relatively high.

Why is it a threat to your business?

Toll Fraud is both a network and security threat to your business, although it’s thought that many businesses still do not do enough to protect themselves from it.

Statistics have proven that an estimated 84% of UK business are not safe from hacking. Regardless of whether you have analogue, digital or IP based system, fraudsters can hack in and gain access to your phone system in a matter of seconds.

In terms of financial damage to your business, the average cost to a victim can be up to €14k and this may be undetected until the phone bill arrives.

What can you do to stop it?

As mentioned, In most cases the damage has already been done by the time the fraud has been discovered, often leaving the victim with huge phone bills which they then have the responsibility of settling.

To avoid such compromises occurring, customers should choose their system and their system maintainers wisely, here are some tips:

  • Regularly ask how access to your system is controlled.
  • Introduce a policy of regularly changing system and user passwords (for voicemail access for instance)
  • Ensure there are written policies in place which determine who can enable ‘break-out’ facilities for the system
  • Consider barring calls to Premium Rate numbers and international destinations
  • Engage system maintainers with a proven track record and with ISO certifications

At Frontier, our engineers have the technical expertise required to ensure sufficient measures are taken to provide our customers with a satisfactory level of protection from the risk of toll fraud.

We never use a telephone number as an access code and we limit the number of employees given access to remote maintenance and restrict to a ‘need to know’ basis, disabling the remote access ports until required.

To protect you financially, we provide access to real-time billing information and itemised billing, we put pre-agreed thresholds on all CLIs and will warn customers when the threshold has been breached.

To find out more on how you can protect your business from Toll Fraud, please call 08000 92 62 32 or email





Everything you need to know about the arrival of 5G

You’ve seen the media coverage; here’s our guide to 5G

The next generation of the mobile network is undeniably the next step in terms of connectivity. Despite it not yet being available to consumers, it’s a topic that has been discussed for many years with testing taking place on a regular basis. This is our little guide, providing Everything you need to know about the arrival of 5G

What is 5G?

5G (5th generation) will be the next standard of mobile network. It will be designed and introduced to deal with the increase of usage of mobile data across the globe, taking over the current 4G wireless system.                                    

How will it be different?

When we migrated to 4G from 3G it was mainly about improving speeds and giving users faster connection. However, the move to 5G won’t just be about keeping you connected on your mobile device, it will also be responsible for evolving wireless technology such as self-driving cars, drones, virtual reality and the Internet of Things.

It’s been said that the speeds of 5G will be faster than our traditional broadband connections and will even replace at-home broadband. In fact, the speeds of 5G could be the last move in terms of mobile data, removing the need to step over to ‘6G’ later down the line.

What progress is being made?

Back in November 2017, Frontier’s supplier EE (part of the BT Group) demonstrated 2.8Gbps download speeds across an end-to-end 5G test network in its UK mobile lab. The breakthrough test, carried out in partnership with Huawei, linked the fully virtualised 5G core to the 64×64 Massive MIMO active antenna unit broadcasting 5G New Radio to deliver the ground-breaking speeds.

It was a major step forward for network function virtualisation (NFV) with fully virtualised 5G core network on commercial-off-the-shelf hardware in the EE lab.

When will it launch in the UK?

Although there is a lot of good progress being made, it’s unlikely we’ll see the arrival of 5G in the United Kingdom for some time. It’s no secret that the UK lags behind in the global ranking of internet connectivity. The country currently sits at 54th in the world, with Brits only being able to access 4G 53% of the time. In contrast, countries like South Korea have been considering the need for 5G deployment since 2008.

With the help of improved software and hardware, the global target for the launch of 5G is 2020, with it being estimated that there will be 24 million 5G subscribers by 2021. However, it’s thought that less than 10% of those will be in Europe. Back in the Autumn Statement in November 2017, Phillip Hammond promised a commitment to 5G and has dedicated £740m to be used on the development of the service. However, no launch date for it in the UK has been confirmed.

Broadly speaking, the main concern regarding 5G is to ensure that it works on a global scale. This need for compatibility is essential in making sure devices in one country work elsewhere in the world due to the difference of 5G spectrum bands.

At Frontier we are confident that with the help of our suppliers we will be able to provide and support this service to our mobile customers when the time should come. For more information on business mobiles please call 08000 92 62 32 or email










8 telecoms risks to your GDPR compliance

Telecoms security and GDPR

telecoms security and GDPR

GDPR is changing the way you communicate with people. It is changing how you manage the personal data you have about these people. The legislation changed 18 months ago and you have until May 25th 2018 to be able to demonstrate you are compliant.

It is not our role to tell you of how to manage your data, but we can help with one of the key aspects of the GDPR regulations: security.

Data breaches and data loss can have a huge impact on your business. Let’s forget about the fines for a moment; the reputational damage can be huge. If people don’t think you are securing their data properly, they aren’t going to trust you with it.

Your telecoms solutions can have a big impact, so let’s look at the areas you need to consider as part of your GDPR planning and implementation.

Your internet connection

1. Unencrypted WiFi can easily be hacked, exposing your data. Whether that is your office WiFi (including guest access) or other WiFi connections your staff use, there is a risk.
2. If your internet connection is slow for your staff, you risk them using Shadow IT for their needs

Your Mobile phones

3. If you have a BYOD policy for mobile phones, do you let your staff get their work emails via their phones? That personal data will be outside of your control and therefore a risk.
4. Are people allowed to charge their phones by plugging them into their PCs and laptops? If the phone has a virus or malware, that can easily get onto the laptop and then, potentially, on to your network.
5. Can you wipe all data from a company mobile if it is lost? 90 mobile phones a day are left on the Tube network alone!
6. How are the devices locked? Simple PIN numbers can be bypassed or guessed relatively easily (your birthday? Your partner?)

Your desk phones

7. Do you allow people to programme numbers into their desk phones? If a Right To Erasure claim comes into your business, how will you know what devices that person’s details are on?
8. If you haven’t got QoS on your internet connection to ensure good quality voice calls, your staff may start using other solutions. Skype, WhatsApp and IM solutions can quickly and easily be set up and you have absolutely no control over how they are used and what personal data is being sent over them.

If you want more information on how your use of telecoms can impact your ability to meet your GDPR needs, please give us a call on 08000 92 62 32.

First Step Charity Golf Day

Having supported First Step Opportunity Group for the past four years, we would be delighted if you could join us at their charity golf day which we are sponsoring once again this September.

The event, whilst a great day out, is, in fact, a critical source of income for First Step, which relies on donations and fundraising to continue their support for babies and pre-school children with special needs and/or disabilities, and their families.

The charity is close to the hearts of everyone at Frontier – the team have visited and seen for themselves the difference our commitment makes to the children and their families.

Last year we raised an amazing £12,000 and aim to top that figure this year. If you’d like to help us achieve this then please click here for a booking form and email back to

Event information:

Friday 8th September

Theydon Bois Golf Club (Theydon Road, Epping, CM16 4EH)

  • £65 per golfer
  • £260 per 4 ball
  • £30 evening ticket

You can sign up individually or as a team of four, this includes 18 holes, breakfast, three-course meal and after dinner guest speaker, PGA Master Professional, Gary Alliss.

We at Frontier are proud supporters of First Step and hope that together we can make a real difference for the children and their families attending this wonderful local charity.



Registered Charity Number 1106002. Incorporated in England and Wales

Summer 2017 Charity Update

We’re already half way into 2017 and I hope you’ve had a great year so far.

We’ve had some exciting new product announcements this year, a highlight being the successful launch of Frontier Utility. We are now able to offer green energy at the lowest price in the market.

As always, we are continuing to look at ways in which we can improve the level of care and support you receive from us.  We’d love for you to complete our short survey, by filling this in you will provide us with a better indication of what your businesses needs are as well as being in with a chance of winning one of three of our great prizes.

As a company we have continued to support various charities, so far this year we have raised over £4,500. This includes raising money for our Administrator Director, Ian McNamara who ran a marathon in aid of Multiple Sclerosis Society, and of course, we are continuing to support local charity, First Step, with our golf day coming up this September. If you’d like to take part click here.

As for myself, I will be taking part in the Prudential Ride London (that’s 100 miles!) at the end of this month in aid of Prostate Cancer UK. After being diagnosed with the disease at the beginning of last year, the charity was a great help on my road to recovery. If you’d like to support me and read more about his story please visit my JustGiving page.

Thanks for your time.

We’re Hiring! Sales Executive Role

Sales Executive Job Description

Reporting to:     Business Development Director

Based:                Woodford Green, Essex

Main Tasks:

  1. To sell hosted telephony and associated products and services to new customers.
  2. To manage and upsell to these customers.
  3. To meet, as a minimum, Company sales and profit targets.
  4. To prepare proposals/quotations/tenders in accordance with business margin and position instructions.
  5. To keep accurate customer records and to update daily the Company CRM database.
  6. To provide management reports, sales forecasts etc. on time and in the required format.
  7. To attend sales and product training sessions as and when required.
  8. To assist at exhibitions, seminars etc. as and when required.
  9. To undertake other duties as and when required.

Person Specification:

  • Location: Must live within London & Home Counties
  • Minimum experience:  2 years working sales experience.
  • Job History: No more than 2 jobs in past 5 years (except in exceptional circumstances)
  • Personality Traits: We look for self-confident, ambitious people who want a successful career in selling, whilst having fun and earning money along the way. An ambition to personally grow within the Company and seek more responsibility is also something we like to see in all of our employees.

Who We Are:

  • Established business that has been trading for over 30 years.
  • A profitable Company with annual turnover in excess of £5m.
  • An employer with 40 employees.
  • An equal opportunities employer.
  • A serial award winning company.
  • A Company with ISO 9001 accreditation.
  • A Company with ISO 27001 accreditation.
  • A Company with a proud and excellent record of employee development.

What We Offer:

  • A remuneration package combining salary and uncapped commission that is geared to rewarding successful people, who regularly achieve or exceed targets set.
  • Opportunities for advancement in a rapidly expanding organisation.
  • A dynamic and vibrant working environment, including a sales team that is driven by success and reward.
  • Innovative and rewarding Company incentive programmes.

To apply please contact Nadine Curran on 0208 506 6438 –


Frontier announce partnership with TeleWare

We have announced a new partnership with communications technology business TeleWare. A partnership which will allow us to continue providing businesses with flexible communications solutions and a comprehensive, business-grade suite of products for companies of all sizes

TeleWare is dedicated to its philosophy of partnering for growth and working with partners to deliver competitive advantage to both parties. They develop solutions that enable us to improve how our customer’s route, record and analyse their communication platforms.

Together we will be offering cloud call recording solutions to new and existing customers who have a need to record calls; whether it be for training, compliance, governance or productivity purposes. The partnership will focus on mobile, fixed-line and Skype for Business call recording, providing customers with an integrated offering that will work with any PBX system.  The solutions will ensure that businesses operating in the financial sector are compliant with the forthcoming MiFID II regulations and requirements.  Although aimed at smalletr companies operating in the financial sector, we will be working with any company affected by MiFID II, no matter their operations. The more than 55 years’ joint experience offered by TeleWare and Frontier has been achieved by constant innovation and an understanding of shifting regulatory requirements and this will be passed directly onto their clients.

Nolan Braterman, Business Development Director, Frontier, said, “The key mission of most companies is growth. By providing them with scalable and cost-efficient solutions, we can help them achieve this. The analytics that we offer will also mean that companies can gather more data and apply it to inform their growth strategies. The joint solutions that we will be offering with TeleWare will do more than meet current needs and will go a long way to answering future requirements as our customers continue their journey.”

Nick Reaks, Chief Operations Officer, TeleWare, said, “MiFID II is demanding greatly increased call recording and storage from companies. For smaller companies, such as hedge funds, implementing a total transformation of telephony systems to achieve full compliance is a costly and difficult process. Even more, operating that system can be a full-time job which takes away from their main task of delivering performance. By providing systems that are easy to implement and sit on top of existing solutions, we are able to help these smaller operations remain profitable and improve their communications solutions.”

Introduction from Peter

peter-southgate-profileWell, 2016 has finally hung up its boots and we’re looking forward with great enthusiasm to the New Year. Despite accusations from some that last year was far too interesting for its own good, 2016 turned out to have been a very positive year for us. I hope it was for you too!

As part of our continued commitment to elevate our customer service to outstanding levels we increased the number of our staff by over 30% last year. Derrick Vernal joined as Service Director at the beginning of October. Under his experienced eye, our Support Team is developing its customer support processes. He has recently taken on three new team members; two in our Customer Service Team, another into our Order Management team. This trend is set to continue throughout 2017. We envisage further recruits during 2017 to meet the demand of our planned growth.

We’ve retained our ISO 9001 and ISO27001 accreditations for another year, for Quality Management and Information Security Management respectively. And we’ll continue to be independently assessed throughout 2017 and beyond. I think they are a must for any business operating in the digital arena.

As always, we’re fully embracing new technologies. Working closely with our suppliers we’re going to be bringing you some innovative, leading edge products including: Cloud based applications, Office 365, hosted telephony, data back-up, disaster recovery solutions…We’re also expanding our mobile product range. Read on and you’ll find out more. This innovation and expansion makes for an exciting and ever-evolving work place, and we’re developing even higher levels of in-house product expertise to provide the support you need and expect from us.

I’m also delighted to introduce Frontier Utility. Offering a comprehensive portfolio of energy, security and mobility products, I believe Frontier Utility is the perfect complement to our Voice and Data Solutions. More details in the newsletter below.

From a personal perspective events in 2016 certainly changed my life, and my perspective on life.

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the beginning of the year. The diagnosis was an early one, and I’m happy to report that after receiving treatment, by September I was completely cancer free.

I had my life back, and I was determined to repay the debt.

So I jumped on my bike and cycled 100 miles (which was pretty tough!) to raise awareness and money for the charity Prostate Cancer UK. The response from people was amazingly generous and I raised over £4000.

We’ve always supported local charities as a business. It’s the right thing to do. But I started to do a bit of digging to find out exactly what we do as a group of individuals as well as the Frontier Team.

And this is what I found out.

Over the last 7 years we’ve collectively raised over £50,000 for a variety of causes including:

Prostate Cancer UK                        Haven House

First Step                                          Papyrus UK

Brain Tumour Research                 McMillan Cancer Support

Jeans for Genes                                Wear It Pink                                    Children In Need

Some take a more physical approach than others. Ian McNamara (our Administrator Director) runs marathons (6 of them so far!), as does Gregg in our Customer Support Team. Sean Linehan (our Finance Director) cycles, as do I. Lorraine (our Mobile Specialist) holds fundraisers and Sammie in our Accounts Team organises regular in-office events which often involve cake! Every one of us contributes and that makes me, both as a person, and a business owner, incredibly proud and grateful.

Which just about wraps it up from me for now!

I’m sure 2017 is going to be an exciting and profitable year for us all.

‘Work hard, think big and don’t listen to people who tell you it can’t be done. Life’s too short to think small.’¹

¹Source – Tim Ferriss

Frontier Utility

frontier-utilityWe’re delighted to announce the launch of Frontier Utility – the new home for all your Energy, Security and App2Chat.

The range of solutions that Frontier Utility offers perfectly complements our existing portfolio of data and communications services and includes:

  • Energy – Business Gas, Business Electricity and if you take both services, Dual Business Energy provision
  • Security Systems – CCTV, Alarm Systems, Intercom Systems, Access Control Systems and Servicing, Repairs and Upgrades.
  • App2Chat – the business telephony system that works on a smartphone using landline numbers

To find out more you can talk to a member of the Frontier Utility Team on 08000 926232 (option 4) or by email at

New Product Launch – Office 365

As part of our commitment to expand our MyCloud product set, Office 365 is now available!

Microsoft Office is still the defacto office Suite, and Microsoft Office 365 is the complete office in the cloud.

Not only do you get Word, Excel, PowerPoint as desktop apps, (plus all their attendant services and benefits), you also get access to Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity services. These include business-class email, file sharing, HD video conferencing; all working together and connected to Office so you have anywhere access to everything you need.

These are enterprise-level services optimized for any sized businesses. They’re easy to set up and manage, with business grade and 24/7 technical phone support.

And all of these services are available on your mobile devices and online wherever you are, whenever you need them, all for a low monthly license fee.

The Microsoft Office 365 suite is a subscription based hosted, online version of the traditional installed version of Microsoft Office software.

You can access Office 365 using any device anywhere with an internet connection.


  • Benefits of Office 365.
  • Office Suite(Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Skype for Business, Access)
  • Exchange Online(email, calendar, tasks)
  • SharePoint Online(web portal for collaboration)
  • Yammer(enterprise social networking)
  • OneDrivefor Business (cloud file storage)
  • Planner (project management)
  • Power BI(business intelligence)
  • Delve(social document discovery)
  • Video (a private video library)
  • Sway(a tool for creating reports, presentations and newsletters)

What is the difference between Office 365 and Office 2016?

Microsoft Office 2016 is a suite of Office applications that generally includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Office 365 is a subscription service with a huge variety of plans available.

Your organization can realize significant cost savings when migrating to Office 365

Our efficient on boarding services help simplify your move to the Cloud and seamlessly manage your IT implementation, while also providing rapid, dedicated support, powerful Email Continuity and Threat Protection solutions.


  • Do business anywhere
  • Do your best work. Wherever you are
  • Connect with customers
  • Win sales and build customer loyalty
  • Drive efficiency and profitability
  • Simplify operations to maximise innovation.
  • Innovate with agility
  • Meet the challenge of evolving business models.

To find out more call our Team now on +44 (0) 8000 92 62 32 or email