A report from Ofcom has found that five percent of homes and offices are unable to sign up for broadband speeds over 10 Mbps.

This means that 1.4 million properties are unable to reach the Universal Service Obligation (the legal right of a minimum of 10 Mbps) which the government plans to introduce by 2020.

Despite this, the report revealed that the UK is fifth in the world in terms of broadband availability (behind Singapore, Japan, South Korea and the Netherlands) and the number of properties unable to get a decent broadband connection has actually fallen, having stood at around 2.4 million last year.

However, the telecoms regulator still feels that a lot of work needs to be done. Steve Unger, Ofcom Group Director, said: “Mobile and broadband coverage continued to grow this year, but too many people and businesses are still struggling for a good service. We think that is unacceptable.

“So we’re challenging mobile operators to go beyond built-up areas and provide coverage across the UK’s countryside and transport networks. Today we’ve also provided technical advice to support the government’s plans for universal, decent broadband.”

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