Telecommunications regulator, Ofcom is actively looking into ways the UK can build full fibre and have outlined plans to ensure as many households and commercial premises as possible have access to ultrafast broadband.

In the published proposal, Ofcom has stated that this can be achieved by installing the technology in existing telegraph poles and underground ducts that BT use to deliver its services.

As a result, other broadband providers will be able to lay fibre in the same places BT can, therefore promoting competition and providing an alternative to the copper-based technologies BT are planning to install.

Yih-Choung Teh, Competition Policy Director at Ofcom, said: “Fibre is the future for broadband and Ofcom is helping to deliver that through competition between networks.

“Today we’re explaining how access to BT’s tunnels and poles could be improved, allowing other providers to connect ultrafast, fibre broadband directly to UK homes and offices.

“Our plans will give providers increased confidence to invest in their own full-fibre networks at reduced cost.”

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