PCL Transport 24/7 Ltd is one of the UK’s leading chilled distribution specialists. They’ve been in business since 2001 and are a
successful, growing company with over 1,200 employees. In July 2014, when the previous owner sold the business they became a
part of the Bidvest family of companies.
Our working relationship with PCL began in 2010 when we installed their first Ethernet circuit. Over the past six years we have
overseen the installation and management of multiple data circuits across their 6 sites. We also now manage their SIP trunks,
ISDN30 voice circuits, door entry CCTV, fire alarm, broadband and analogue phone lines as well as their call traffic.
So, when Michael Jarmyn, General Manager at PCL told us they were moving their business mobiles away from their current
supplier, we were delighted to be given the opportunity to tender.

The Challenge

PCL had been a customer of Vodafone for 10 years, mainly because the previous owner travelled abroad a lot and had considered Vodafone’s coverage in Europe to be very good. But Michael had become unhappy with
the level of service that the company as a whole had been receiving from Vodafone over recent years. A procession of endlessly-changing Account
Managers who were unable to provide the level of service they required, the whole security process every time they wanted to speak to someone, and the discovery that a lot of their services were being incorrectly billed cemented his decision to change their supplier.

Being without mobile phones for PCL would be ‘like someone having their right arm cut off!”

PCL Transport vehicles

The Service Requirements

Mobile devices are used across all departments at PCL. They operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (the clue’s in the name!) and their customers’ expect to be able to get hold of members of staff at any time of the day or night.
There are 32 staff with mobile phones. Some want to retain their handsets, some need new ones. As texting operational updates to their customers is a crucial activity across the board, all staff need smart phones as they have larger screens, making texting an easy process. A smooth migration of service and easy handset activation is expected. As is the best possible price. Good network coverage and excellent customer service and support and are also essential. Being without mobile phones for this company would be ‘like someone having their right arm cut off.’

Our Recommendation

After considering Michael’s requirements, and assessing the network coverage at the company’s site locations, and analysing the ongoing monthly costs and hardware choices, we recommended that PCL migrate their services to EE.

Michael conducted his due diligence. After considering a number of other proposals, he decided to accept our recommendation and move their business mobile services to Frontier.

The Process

The migration process was managed from beginning to end by Lorraine Hale, our most experienced Mobile Specialist, with more than 17 years’ experience under her belt. Armed with all the contract end dates and
the individual user handset and data requirements, she was able to plan and
manage a migration path for the whole company. The process took just over nine months to complete with Lorraine and Michael working hand in hand to ensure it went as smoothly as possible. As Michael said ‘the process was confusing but it was going to be, with all the ads, moves and changes needed, but me and Lorraine plodded through it. We worked very well

The Outcome

One of the key drivers for PCL to move away from Vodafone was to experience better, more personal service. Another was to receive accurate billing.
The billing is working, it’s clear and transparent. Michael is totally in control of everything that happens on their account. The feedback from Michael on the support he receives from Lorraine is clear:

‘Having the one point of contact that knows us, rather than going to a faceless network and going through their security process all the time, makes it very simple. I can just bend Lorraine’s ear or send her an email rather than phoning up a stranger. All the mobile phone company’s
support only runs from Monday to Friday 9 to 5. As we’re a 24/7 business, our name says it all, that’s no good for us. Being with Frontier I’ve been able to get Lorraine out of hours, send her text messages and instigate call roaming at more convenient times. More convenient to the business that is!’
‘Having the one point of contact that knows us, rather than going to a faceless network …makes it very simple’

Why Frontier

When we asked Michael why he does business with Frontier he said:
“the long relationship is based first and foremost on a value for money service. If I wouldn’t be happy paying out of my own pocket, I wouldn’t recommend the service to the business. And I am.” He also made it clear that regular communication is key: “We talk, we’ve got a good relationship. When we talk things don’t become an issue or a big thing to deal with.”

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