Are you protecting your business?

Toll Fraud is one of the fastest growing cyber-crimes, with cases increasing by 15% each year.

The costs and damage to a business can be astronomical. The United Kingdom is the third most targeted country in the world with €1.7bn costs for Toll Fraud alone.

What is toll fraud?

Toll Fraud occurs when an outside caller can access the features and facilities of a telephone system for fraudulent purposes. It’s recognised as a serious form of organised crime committed by fraudsters. It also been considered to be a funding solution for drug dealers and even terrorists.

Most PBX systems generally have remote access facilities for the purposes of system maintenance. However, this might also make it possible for hackers to reprogram part of the system. This enables them to accumulate large bills through unauthorized calls, usually to Africa or other domains where call rates remain relatively high.

Why is it a threat to your business?

Toll Fraud is both a network and security threat to your business, although it’s thought that many businesses still do not do enough to protect themselves from it.

Statistics have proven that an estimated 84% of UK business are not safe from hacking. Regardless of whether you have analogue, digital or IP based system, fraudsters can hack in and gain access to your phone system in a matter of seconds.

In terms of financial damage to your business, the average cost to a victim can be up to €14k and this may be undetected until the phone bill arrives.

What can you do to stop it?

As mentioned, In most cases the damage has already been done by the time the fraud has been discovered, often leaving the victim with huge phone bills which they then have the responsibility of settling.

To avoid such compromises occurring, customers should choose their system and their system maintainers wisely, here are some tips:

  • Regularly ask how access to your system is controlled.
  • Introduce a policy of regularly changing system and user passwords (for voicemail access for instance)
  • Ensure there are written policies in place which determine who can enable ‘break-out’ facilities for the system
  • Consider barring calls to Premium Rate numbers and international destinations
  • Engage system maintainers with a proven track record and with ISO certifications

At Frontier, our engineers have the technical expertise required to ensure sufficient measures are taken to provide our customers with a satisfactory level of protection from the risk of toll fraud.

We never use a telephone number as an access code. We limit the number of employees given access to remote maintenance and restrict to a ‘need to know’ basis, disabling the remote access ports until required.

To protect you financially, we provide access to real-time billing information and itemised billing. We put pre-agreed thresholds on all CLIs and will warn customers when the threshold has been breached.

To find out more on how you can protect your business from Toll Fraud, please call 08000 92 62 32 or email





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