What’s driving bandwidth consumption in your office?

slow bandwidth

Does your office internet connection crawl along at a snail’s pace?

Did you know that a sluggish internet connection is one of the top complaints of office workers? (The biggest is the office temperature!)

The good news is that there are many things you can do to improve this. Being aware of what is most likely to slow your internet down can help you streamline your usage and get the most out of your package. So here’s a list of the biggest culprits when it comes to eating up your bandwidth and slowing your system down.

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Why great customer service matters

This is why great customer service matters!

We’ve recently been working with a leading executive search recruitment firm who specialise in niche areas of finance. We want to know why great customer service matters to them.

They are a growing business who were soon to move from their serviced offices (where telephony and network services are provided as part of the package), to their own premises.

They had to be able to implement and manage a bespoke communications solution which would to be able to keep pace with their expansion over the coming years.

We recommended our MyHosted voice solution. MyHosted offers different licences so they can choose the right product to suit their businesses unique requirements. It provides all the phone system functionality that the company requires. It includes powerful call handling and soft phone technology. Outlook integration and conferencing come as standard. It has a totally flexible, per user upgrade path that can be implemented in days.

The low cost of entry and the feature-rich nature of Frontier’s hosted IP set was exactly what they were looking for.

This is what our customer said:

Great customer service mattersWhen we moved from serviced offices to our own premises we wanted a hosted telephony solution. This was to minimise initial capital expenditure and also reduce operating costs. We looked at several prospective suppliers with our telephony consultant and Frontier Voice & Data proposed the best solution.

“We were very happy with the installation. The project management was excellent. Frontier’s ‘keep the customer informed’ policy meant that we were reassured things were proceeding smoothly at every stage of the implementation.”