What’s driving bandwidth consumption in your office?

slow bandwidth

Does your office internet connection crawl along at a snail’s pace?

Did you know that a sluggish internet connection is one of the top complaints of office workers? (The biggest is the office temperature!)

The good news is that there are many things you can do to improve this. Being aware of what is most likely to slow your internet down can help you streamline your usage and get the most out of your package. So here’s a list of the biggest culprits when it comes to eating up your bandwidth and slowing your system down.

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Why VoIP would be suitable for your business

There’s no doubt that there has been a shift in the way businesses operate.

Workforces have become more spread out, bring a specific set of challenges.

The question is: can VoIP be a suitable solution for many of the changes that the modern-day business faces? In order to know whether implementing a cloud based telephone system is the best route for you, it’s important to ask yourself the following questions about your business…

Are there any remote workers?

Whether it’s working from a different location altogether or just hot desking within the office, 42% of workers are offered flexible working and it is certainly on the rise. If you have people working from home or on the move, a VoIP solution allows them to be contactable from wherever they are.

If this is not something your business currently does, it’s worth thinking about how this could change in the future. 53% of people feel that they would be more productive if they could work outside the office, a hosted solution gives workers the ability to do this.

Will my business be expanding in the future?

If you plan to grow your business over the coming years then a hosted solution would certainly be beneficial for you. Whether it’s moving office, more locations or more users, your provider will be able to make these changes with a fairly quick turnaround time. Likewise, if you plan to downsize over the coming years, you can gradually reduce the number of licenses you have.

What features does my business require?

Depending on the type of business you operate, it is worth thinking about the features that you would require on a regular basis. If a feature rich phone system is what you are after, things like call forwarding and conferencing often come as standard with VoIP solutions, whereas these would be additional bolt-on’s on traditional systems.

Do you have a seasonal business?

If your business is busier at certain times of the year, you can easily add and remove licenses depending on your needs during that time period. For example, if the number of inbound calls rapidly increases during the summer months and you consequently require more staff on the phones.

Do I have an old telephone system?

Before upgrading your current telephone system it is worth looking into VoIP as an option. It’s important to regularly review your businesses needs and wants when it comes to telecoms. It is a constantly evolving market with lots of new products and services available to businesses.

If your phone system isn’t particularly old but you’re looking to upgrade it, it is possible to integrate VoIP with your current setup.

Is good internet connection available?

A common issue which often stalls the installation of a VoIP solution is connectivity. If there isn’t a strong enough internet broadband connection within your business premises your hosted telephone system simply won’t work.

You can start by checking you have enough bandwidth to provide you with high-quality calls, this is a simple check which you can do yourself. You need approximately 100 Kbps Up and Down to make one call plus the capacity needed for your usual internet activity – email, web browsing etc.

From these steps, it’s clear to see that it’s always important to check that the voice and data solution you’re looking into is suitable for your business. If you ever have any questions about VoIP or any other product, you can give us a call on 08000 92 62 32 to talk about the services available to you.

Six benefits of a VoIP telephone system

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a telephony solution which allows users to make telephone calls using the internet.

Because of the way it functions there are a number of benefits it can bring to your business.


Because VoIP operates via the internet, you can be a lot more flexible in the way you answer and make your calls, in fact, you don’t even need to have a desk phone. Using a laptop (with a softphone) or a mobile phone (with an app) means remote workers can still communicate with ease no matter where they are working from.

Geographical Reach

As mentioned in the above point,  workforces are becoming more versatile in the ways they work. If your business requires an individual with particular skills but are not within commuting distance from your main office, you can still provide them with the tools which enable them to work for your through the same cloud based technology.


One of the key advantages of a cloud-based telephone system is that they come fully functioning with valuable features. This gives you access to features that would typically be additional bolt-ons at an extra cost such as conference calling, auto attendant, video conferencing and call forwarding. As new features are released they are typically integrated too.


If you use a cloud based VoIP solution the maintenance and updates of the system are carried out by the provider. By removing any additional overheads that you’d typically encounter when upgrading your phone system, the cost is instead spread over thousands of users.

If you do have an office PBX that is IP enabled, you no longer have to deal with BT.

Capital Cost

A hosted VoIP solution is billed on a simple per user per month basis.This may include the handset (sometimes doesn’t), the hosting and all support. If you are not paying for your handset, there are almost no upfront capital costs.

If you are adding IP capability to your internal PBX the costs are different. There is likely to be up front costs for additional hardware to convert your PBX and possibly for licensing, from then on it is a standard per user per month fee.

Depending on the quality and bandwidth of your internet connection you may need to increase your internet connection too.

Disaster Recovery

With your telephone numbers being hosted in the Cloud, your incoming calls will not be impacted if you have any problems at your office. In the event of any kind of internet outage, a pre-arranged disaster recovery plan will divert your calls to another device (i.e. your mobile phone).

As you can see there are a number of ways VoIP can help your business. If you’d like more information about our VoIP solutions you can contact us on 08000 92 62 32.

Haven House Children’s Hospice Summer Fayre

Haven House Children’s Hospice Summer Fayre – Entertainment Guaranteed!

We’re looking forward to when summer finally gets here. It’s our favourite time of year! It’s the season of festivals, fayres and fetes and we really want our unpredictable weather to eventually decide to be warm and dry for a while!

One of our valued customers, Haven House Children’s Hospice is holding their annual Summer Fayre on Sunday the 10th July. This will to be a great day out for all the family! It has been excellent every year so far! There will be stalls selling all sorts of things, live music acts throughout the day, a Pimms station and plenty of entertainment for the children.

Haven House Children's Hospice stall

For details of how to get there, and to get more information about the event visit www.havenhouse.org.uk/

Based in Woodford Green in Essex, Haven House Children’s Hospice provides invaluable support to many families across North and North East London, West Essex and East Hertfordshire.

Haven House Children's Hospice cake stall

The charity was founded to provide care to life-limited children and their families. Haven House launched their first service for children in 2001 and the first child stayed with them in 2003.

Since then the Hospice has supported over 600 families. They have looked after children and young people aged from birth to 19 years old who have life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.

To find out more about Haven House Children’s Hospice, or to get involved please visit their website www.havenhouse.org.uk

Haven House Children's Hospice Gardens

We are proud to be involved with Haven House as a sponsor to the event. But more importantly we’re delighted to be involved on a personal level. A number of the Frontier team will be volunteering throughout the day, spreading the Frontier spirit far and wide!

So put this date in your diary, Haven House Children’s Hospice Summer Fayre 11am until 5pm, Sunday the 10th July. Entertainment guaranteed!


Frontier congratulate staff member on London Marathon donation

Ian McNamara completes 2016 London Marathon

One of Essex’s leading independent telecoms providers Frontier Voice and Data has congratulated Ian McNamara following the donation of more than £1,600 to Prostate Cancer UK raised during his London Marathon run.

This is the sixIan completes London Marathon againth marathon that Ian, our Administration Director, has run. He managed to complete the 26 mile course in just 3 hours and 57 minutes, which we think is fantastic!

He raised donations of £1,645.00 for his chosen charity, which helps those undergoing treatment for prostate cancer and supports research into the disease.

Following his donation, Ian said: “The thing that gets me through every gruelling mile of training, and every aching mile of the marathon itself is the massive support I get from all those who donate.

“Every pound raised is hugely appreciated, and so necessary for the cause I am running for, and that is what keeps me going and coming back for more!”

Ian was inspired to take up marathon running in 2009 after deciding to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis UK, following a close friend’s diagnosis with the disease.

Since then Ian has been bitten by the running bug and has already signed up for next year’s London Marathon and put together his training plan, which he hopes to start this winter.

Peter Southgate, Managing Director at Frontier Voice and Data, said: “We are all very proud of Ian for the amount of time and effort he has put in to prepare himself for the marathon and the large sum of money that he has managed to raise.

“At Frontier we encourage all of our staff to take part in community and charity events as we feel it is really important to give back to the local region.  In fact, collectively the Frontier Team have raised over £25,000 for various charities over the last seven years.”


Summer edition of the Frontier Voice and Data Newswire

A message from Peter Southgate.

Welcome to the summer edition of the Frontier Voice and Data Newswire! It seems like every year at around this time us Brits start to ramp up the optimism and convince ourselves that ‘this year, finally, it’s going to be a great summer.’ Who knows, maybe this year we will be right!

But there is plenty happening to divert our national obsession with the weather onto other things.

The ‘In or Out’ of Europe debate continues to rage on. With opinions so divided, and campaigns from both sides hotting up, there will be drama enough to keep even the most politically ambivalent of us interested right up to polling day on 23 June.

There are music festivals and literary festivals galore happening all through the summer months, including the Grassington Literary Festival and the Isle of Wight music festival.

The sporting calendar over the coming months has something for everyone. A month of Rugby Union summer internationals kicked off with the England v Wales game at Twickenham.

There’s more golf than you can shake a stick, or club, at happening in June and July, including the Ladies and Men’s European Tour and the US Open.

Wimbledon will be upon us before you know it, and for cricket optimists England are facing off against Sri Lanka in June.

Then there is the football of course – The European Championship, international friendlies, Women’s European Cup qualifiers; and for motor enthusiasts, a personal favourite of ours, the Goodwood Festival of Speed starts on the 23 June.

And we mustn’t forget the big one, The Olympic Games which starts in July. If all that doesn’t distract you from the rain, I mean summer, then nothing will!

What we’re doing for our customers this summer, and all year round

A bit like the summer sporting calendar, when it comes to business communications, at Frontier we like to think that we’ve got something for everyone. And that everyone we look after has the right something for them.

To make sure we’re getting it right we are continually reviewing all of our customers’ telephony services.

In the coming weeks, (if you haven’t already), you’ll be getting a telephone call from our Customer Care department to arrange your annual account review. We’ll go through your current services and update you on any new products and services that we think will be of use to you. If there are any changes coming to your business – new staff, moving premises, change of technologies, let us know. We’ll be able to help you plan and approach that change with confidence.

If you would like to organise your own review now, then please contact Gregg Hills on 08000 92 62 32 or email him at GHills@fvdata.co.uk

I hope you all have a wonderful, and hopefully hot, summer that brings you lots of success.


Peter Southgate
Managing Director, Frontier Voice and Data


Frontier’s marketing team welcomes new face

Cathie - Frontier’s marketing team welcomes new faceWe are delighted to announce the appointment of Cathie Tufnail to our marketing team.

Frontier’s marketing team welcomes new face. New to the Marketing team that is! Cathie has been working in the telecoms industry since January 2004. She started working as a customer account manager, before being promoted to a team leader in Customer Support. She segued briefly into Product development before landing in the Sales Team. Here she worked as a channel focused Business Development Manager, helping partners to develop and grow their business.

In 2008, she went to work at a local ISP for a few months. Here she learnt a lot about data connectivity and storage, DR and internet traffic routing in a very short time!

She joined the Frontier team in the summer of 2009. She worked primarily as a Channel Business Development Manager and MyData product champion.

She moved into the marketing team at Frontier in March this year, which is a natural progression given her broad experience in the industry.

In her spare time she writes novels, poetry, short stories and songs, including a musical which is soon to be performed by a local am-dram group.

She also plays the guitar, sings and enjoys movies and books. Her latest project is a screen play for a TV series and she enjoys a good single malt whiskey now and then.


Why great customer service matters

This is why great customer service matters!

We’ve recently been working with a leading executive search recruitment firm who specialise in niche areas of finance. We want to know why great customer service matters to them.

They are a growing business who were soon to move from their serviced offices (where telephony and network services are provided as part of the package), to their own premises.

They had to be able to implement and manage a bespoke communications solution which would to be able to keep pace with their expansion over the coming years.

We recommended our MyHosted voice solution. MyHosted offers different licences so they can choose the right product to suit their businesses unique requirements. It provides all the phone system functionality that the company requires. It includes powerful call handling and soft phone technology. Outlook integration and conferencing come as standard. It has a totally flexible, per user upgrade path that can be implemented in days.

The low cost of entry and the feature-rich nature of Frontier’s hosted IP set was exactly what they were looking for.

This is what our customer said:

Great customer service mattersWhen we moved from serviced offices to our own premises we wanted a hosted telephony solution. This was to minimise initial capital expenditure and also reduce operating costs. We looked at several prospective suppliers with our telephony consultant and Frontier Voice & Data proposed the best solution.

“We were very happy with the installation. The project management was excellent. Frontier’s ‘keep the customer informed’ policy meant that we were reassured things were proceeding smoothly at every stage of the implementation.”