A common fraud/scam known in the industry as “JOSEF” is still VERY ACTIVE in our industry. Below are details used by the fraudster in the past 7 days…

The latest incidents follow the same patterns, requesting Hosted Seats / SIP Trunks / soft clients and in some cases, UK Inbound Numbers with portal access to redirect calls overseas.

The fraudster in these and similar previous cases speaks with an accent described as Eastern European, although this may not be 100% accurate as it may also be Middle Eastern because some tracing of IP information points to Palestine and surrounding areas.

The details used in recent cases are below, in a recent case “JOSEF” managed to give 2 different sets of details to the same Reseller:

The details used in recent cases are:

Contact: Frank Courie
Company name: Chemist Consultancy Ltd
Address: (based in Glamorgan)
Contact numbers: 01443 575005
Email: frank.courie@chemist.com

Contact: Greg Coleman
Company: Coolsite
Contact numbers: 01733 859002
Email: greg.coleman@coolsite.net

The suspected fraudsters use valid company details and often valid bank details, which allow them to pass credit checks and obtain telecom services including Hosted Seats, SIP Trunks and Inbound Numbers. From time to time, the contact and business details change. We have been made aware that the fraudster is using the details above (note the contact number which is a Virtual Geographic Number).

We are NOT suggesting that the above companies and persons named are carrying out any fraudulent or criminal activities. However, their details are currently being used for fraudulent and criminal purposes by unauthorised persons.

We urge you to ensure you and your staff remain vigilant to these methods and to carry out full credit checks and full due diligence before providing services – sometimes a deal can be too good to be true. If you use e-sign for your customer contracts check the IP address origination for where the document was opened and signed.

Remember to validate the company details by contacting the business, using information published on such sites as ‘Companies House’.

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