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PCL Transport

PCL Transport 24/7 Ltd – the right relationship and correct bills

Click here to find out how Frontier Voice & Data helped PCL Transport 24/7 Ltd, one of the UK’s leading chilled distribution specialists, migrate the entire company’s mobile devices to a provider who could offer better customer service and more accurate billing.

Esprit – delivering cost savings on call charges

Click here to find out how Frontier Voice and Data have supported Esprit, a company that operates more than 800 retail stores worldwide, in simplifying their billing process, reducing their call charges and improving the quality of customer care provided.


DAKS – better customer service

Click here to find out how Frontier Voice and Data have provided a reliable range of telecoms services to Daks, a leading British luxury label with an international reputation, and how they have improved the speed of response should any issues arise.

Europe Arab Bank PLC – cutting telecoms costs

Frontier Voice and Data have helped Europe Arab Bank, a bank operating across EMEA, reduce their telecommunications expenditure whilst maintaining quality customer service. Click here to find out more.

Meyer Timber – improving internal communication

Click here to find out how Frontier have supported Meyer Timber through the implementation of a UK wide MPLS network, which has helped improve their inter-office communications and integration, whilst also giving them more control over the management of their network.

Integral Search and Selection Ltd – the right telecoms for following their office move

 When Integral Search and Selection, an executive search firm, decided to move offices, they had to make their own comms provision. Click here to find out how Frontier helped provide Integral Search and Selection with a cost-effective answer, by delivering a converged voice and data solution.


Carestream – excellent customer service

Click here to find out how Frontier have provided Carestream, one of the world’s leading providers of medical imaging, with a consistent service combined with excellent quality customer service.